​*Liver Disorders

*Acute & Chronic Immune Challenges
*Cardiovascular Deficiencies
*Endocrine Disorders
*Renal Disorders

Holistic Nutrition and Herbs are effective in supporting  a range of health issues. Below is a list of some common symptoms associated with imbalances that we can work together to address:

*Skin Disorders

*Digestive Disorders
*Women's Health

*Weight Management
*Nervous System Conditions                *Pain & Inflammatory Conditions

Debunking dietary myths can be challenging.  The key to any healthy diet is to create a sustainable plan rooted in whole foods.  I work with clients to answer questions and to create health positive menus that are easy to prepare and enjoy based off of your particular needs.   There will be no fads and no quick fixes on deck however expect to obtain a heightened  awareness of your body and your relationship with food.  This knowledge will create the framework for long lasting dietary shifts and improved health.

Initial Nutrition Consultation (60 min): Complete health overview including: personal goals, current and past medical history, family medical history, a-day-in the life, constitution and energetic assessment, design of short-term and long term plan.

Follow-Up Consultations (45 min): Every client has different goals therefore frequency of follow-up visits are determined based on what will serve the needs of the individual client. In general it is recommended that your first follow-up appointment be scheduled no later than two weeks after your initial appointment. During this visit there will be a review of progress made, address potential pitfalls, and further customization of your nutrition and wellness plan as needed.


Nutrition Services


Herbal medicine has existed for centuries and increasingly the practice is being looked to as a healthy alternative as well as a complement to allopathic medicine. Professional clinical herbalists work with individuals to realize optimal health through the use of natures’ medicine administered in custom tea blends, powders, alcohol based herbal extracts (tinctures), capsules, as well as vitamins and supplements, along with nutrition and lifestyle management tips.

Herbal medicine and herbal clinicians focus on achieving wellness by restoring balance. Working with a professional clinician helps to ensure herbs used are safe, of good quality and are carefully administered at appropriate doses and formulations to suit each client’s individual needs.

Initial Consultation (60 min): In a private one hour consultation I will thoroughly assess your overall state of being, short & long-term goals, as well as a detailed review of your body systems. Upon considering all of the aforementioned factors, I will then create a customized wellness plan that will begin to align you with your goals.  Your concerns will be heard.

First follow-up Appointment (45 min): Your first follow-up appointment will be approximately 45 minutes depending on the nature of your needs. During this time, we will examine your initial progress, while also taking an in-depth look at your body and its response to your customized wellness plan.  We will also consider ways to ensure compliance to your plan.  Your treatment protocol will only work if you work it. 

Subsequent Follow-Up Appointments/ Maintenance Phase (45 min): By this time you will have a clearer picture of the best way to nurture and nourish your body.  This is where your level of commitment to making the necessary lifestyle adjustments will enhance the possibility of attaining your personal goals. My objective during this time is to provide the encouragement, support and knowledge needed to maintain your enthusiasm and commitment to yourself while addressing any new challenges as they arise.

As a client, you will be empowered, educated, and equipped with skills and herbs to help you optimize your current physical health or effectively face current medical challenges. We can work together to gain health and focused awareness of your body, its needs, and its capacity to heal itself!

Herbal Medicine Services