After 4 years in my hometown of Philadelphia  following 16 years in the Nations' Capitol ,Washington, DC,  I'm currently based in Barcelona, Spain .  Don't panic friends, I am able to keep in touch with my clients  around the globe virtually through a secured HIPPA compliant web application or Skype depending on your preference.   EASY PEASY!

About Monica

 Fast Forward 3 Years

After I treated and recuperated from my illness using traditional medicine, nutrition, and exercise, my fascination with my body's  ability to naturally recalibrate encouraged me to receive more -formal training in nutrition, herbs, and healthy living at The Maryland University of Integrative Health in Laurel, Maryland.

My Practice Style: Judgment Free Zone

No one is perfect and everyone has a story. I do not expect you to be perfect and I'm not pretending to be perfect. The purpose of our time is to strive to achieve balance through wellness, it is not a time to obtain a state of perfection yet a time to maximize your personal best and enhance your bodies natural abilities.  

I counsel clients in all aspects of wellness Including nutrition, the use of food medicine, herbal medicine, mindfulness, yoga, and general healthy lifestyle habits. I create a safe, light-hearted, down to earth, and confidential space where I offer my clients the tools needed to develop a healthy relationship with their bodies while awakening the intuitive knowledge needed to attain their personal goals. I appreciate the uniqueness, quirks, and beauty in all of my clients and I use traditional western medicine, Ayurvedic and Chinses medicine energetic assessment techniques to craft customized strategies to restore the natural balance required for all of my clients'  to thrive.

I'm a Philadelphia native and I completed a BA in Psychology from The George Washington University in 2001 and a Masters of Science in Herbal Medicine from the Maryland University of Integrative Health in 2009.  Additionally, I am a  Licensed Dietician-Nutritionist in the State of Pennsylvania and I am a Certified Nutrition Specialist.   I'm RYT 200 with the Yoga Alliance and I create a safe, inclusive, fun, and accessible to all that are interested!  Inquire for more details.  What I'm trying to say is working with me is, in fact, embarking on a journey with a seasoned professional, that comes across more like your eccentric friend or relative.  Let's laugh, learn and heal together!

I'm a food-loving, music and fitness fanatic, with a great sense of humor.  Like many of my globetrotting clients and people I've met over the years, I enjoy every opportunity to travel and learn about different cultures. 


My wellness  journey began  many moons ago  in 2003,  when I was  working on  Capitol Hill like many ambitious  20-something's living in DC.  Back then  I wore suits, pearls and pumps.  I was sharp!  l prided myself on being busy and connected, which was the name of the game, and what I thought  being a grown-up was all about.  My stress-filled and unhealthy life took an unexpected and drastic turn when I was stricken by a mysterious illness.  Queue sad trombone.  Being "dis-eased" was new for me so I tried the traditional route of popping pills, endless doctor visits, all while making little changes  to my daily routines and habits.  I was definitely in step with the "Can't stop, won't stop!" motto, and before I knew it my popularity rose in the medical office circuit!  Life was not going according to my plan.  I was looking for that quick fix, that magical pill and the expert physician that was going to cure me.  No dice.